Monday, February 25, 2013

How to be raid geared in less then a month

It's been more then a month since my last post, so I owe you some explanations of what I've been doing during those times. I played a lot with my Horde hunter and I joined a new guild.  They were constantly looking for people to fill raid spots so I couldn't wait to get geared up. Here is how I did it with only a limited amount of gold and no alt to craft me gear (since all my other high level toons are alliance).

Week 1: I ran a lot of heroics and I finished up the quest line in Dread waste to fill gaps in my gear.

Week 2: I was a little short on unlocking raid finder (ilvl 460), so I looked what I could buy with my valor point. This is when I realised that I had to gain rep with the various faction to unlock the valor point gear. I've done em all with my DK alliance side but now I had to do them again. Hopefully since patch 5.1 you could get recommendation and get rep at twice the rate. I unlocked the justice point trinket from Operation Dominance and I bought some cheap epics pants from the AH. After this I barely reached the minimum ilvl to enter raid finder. I was fortunate enough to get invited by the guild to a normal MSV run were we managed to down five bosses and I got a couple of drops. I also got a pattern. At first I was puzzled, what were some of the mats needed? Turned out you have to DE epic, so it might have to wait before I craft some. Instead I polished up my leatherworking skills and crafted myself a chest piece. It pushed me over the 470 ilvl threshold and I unlocked the other tier of raid finder.

Week 3: I continued doing the raid finder and I got another invite from the guild where we did the first five bosses in MSV.

Week 4: I got  lucky with the Sha of anger and I got the first tier set bonus. I also reached 480 ilvl. My dps have start to pick up and I fully cleared MSV on normal. While my dps are still on the low side, about 60 k overall, I was  finally able to carry my load. I had fun raiding normal mode and it has shed a new light on the encounters in Raid finder.

One piece of gear I'd like to get my hands on before the new raids open is a Sha touched weapon, wich could be a big boost to my dps since I'm still sporting an heroic bow. Plus I'd like to finish the legendary quest to get my gem, I still have a couple of sigil of power to get. Valor point piece will also cost less so I'm looking for some bargains when patch day drop. If you got extra valor to spend before patch day, you could also upgrade your weapon or trinket. Those upgrades won't be available when 5.2 launch.

Have fun with the new contents!