Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ding: Level 110!

I am so busy enjoying this expansion that I didn't update my status yet until now. Last week I reached level 110 after two days and about 20 hours of playing. I not only battled legion of enemies but I also had to contend with lack of sleep, real life aggro and DDOS attacks from evil hackers. By the way, DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service and means tons of computer sending superfluous request to a server so it is so busy it cannot handle legitimate request (like wow user who just want to log or whose toon is interacting with wow server).

The launch was super smooth and I was kind of wary because for Warlord of Draeonor I took a day off and couldn't play much because my server was a lagfest (I'm on full population server). When Legion was up I logged in and discovered that I couldn't skip the Broken Shore scenario. So I braced myself and go through it again. After this small prelude, I chose the guardian druid artefact. It was the first time doing it and it was rougher then I tought.

The first zone I did was Aszuna, I didn't had trouble surviving even when I was pulling as much adds as I could, especially when Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc was off cooldown. I managed to hit level 102 after that zone and I went after the Scythe of Elune, the boomkin weapon. I tried out the spec with the dungeon Eye of Azshara. It was rough because everyone was new in it but we didn't wipe. One fight was close but I did some crazy kiting while the others were dead and managed to down king Deepbeard when he enraged (well, I just hit moonfire as fast as I could while running away in circle). 

The second zone I did was Valsharah and it's a beautiful zone, it fits very well with druid lore. The only thing is I thought it lacked demon (like most of the other zones), I mean I know they are devious and busy scheming behind curtains but where is the Legion army? After that zone it was late but I decided to venture into Stormheim, so I started the scenario and massive lag happens. I briefly thought I would be stuck in this scenario forever. Quest givers were not spawning and hearthstone wasn't working. I finally managed to finish the scenario after a couple of logging in and out. Lag was still going on so I went to bed.

The second day I did Stormheim then I finished with Highmountain. I was super tired and I found those two zones frustrating but really it was because I was rushing to level cap. Same lag happened during the evening but I had just reached the level cap so I call it a night. I was a little disapointed of the time it took me to reach the level cap but I managed to identify some of the things I could have done to improve. First, it would really have helped if I had done a dry run on the beta server because I lost time figuring out some quest, like a named mob that was underground, or just findind the inn in Thunder totem. Plus I was busy reading quest text to soak in all that new lore. Second, I had the Handy notes addon to find treasure and rare but I lost much time trying to get those hard to reach treasure or going out of my way to fight a rare, I should have focus more on quest. Oh well, live and learn.

After one week I still have tons of new content to see. Right now I just finished the druid campaign, I unlocked Suramar, I did some profession quest and I'm splurging on world quest and exploration. And I have yet to play on my alts.

Go and enjoy Legion!