Friday, September 28, 2012

On dungeons

Fabad, my DK, is now on the brinks of the Dread Waste, the last zone of Pandaria. The introductory zone had us meeting and chilling out with a peaceful and fun loving race, the pandareans. But soon after this we witness the Sha escaping from they're prisons and the ressurection of the ancient ruler of Pandaria, the evil Mogu. Deeper in the continent the land is ravaged by the Yaungol and the Mantids. It seems like Pandaria is under a lot of strains.

Anyway, remember that I told you Fabad was there for the riches? Well, he found some running new dungeons as Frost. The first two are Temple of the Jade Serpent and Stormstout Brewery. There is two chain quests that culminates in those dungeons and you got to see the layout and some mini-boss fight before actually running the place with a party. I found the end boss of the temple trickiest, party members must dps the adds quickly before they explode.

The dungeon of Mogashu Palace is the one where Fabad found abundant treasure (unfortunately he only managed to pick a fraction of it, must be the dungeon tax). That instance went well,  it has ton of mobs, a hidden passageway and lots of gold lying around. The tank even took the time to show the party where some ancients relics were hidden.

The last dugheon is Shado-pan Monastery. The mobs has some interesting mechanics like Volatile Fiend exploding and Fragment of hatred needing to be purified. Last boss was scary but we managed to one shot it.

Fabad soloed and grouped for a couple of rare along the way. I used my Blood offspec for survivability but I kept my dps gear. At level 90, I guess most of the classes and specs would be able to solo them.There is abilities that need to be avoided or interrupted, so it can be a challenge.

Pro-tip for DK: If you got a weapon upgrade, take the time to travel to Ebon Hold (back in Eastern plagueland) to apply Rune of the fallen crusader.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why do we fight?

So why do we fight?

Is it for honor?
For riches?
To protect those you love?

Anduin the prince of Stormwind has gone missing near the coast of Pandaria. So yesterday at midnight, my Death knight was sent along a small elite force to find him. As soon as they reached the shore they clashed with the Horde. Having superior firepower the battle was soon over but the small unit discovered a strange force, the Sha, who feeds of emotions and had already starting corrupting our ennemies. No need to say, my death knight helped by SI:7 managed to locate the Prince but they couldn't persuade him to leave Pandaria.

What Fabad liked the most in his first day? It was hanging out with the monks. He learned the ten thousands strikes form, he did some drill on the trainning dummy and he fought other monks. And he also spent a lot of times meditating, cooking, brewing, eating and drinking with his new found friends.

So why do we fight? For Fabad, this question remains unanswered. But so far he likes the journey.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall of Theramore

I must admit I was disappointed that there was no world event before the launch of MoP but I had a lot of fun farming the scenario Fall of Theramore trying to upgrade some pieces of gear. So I took this occasion to present you two of my alts that will be making an appearance from time to time in my blog: Xileh, a tauren hunter of the horde and Bornbad a dwarf pally of the Alliance.

Early in the morning, the Horde attacked Theramore. The siege didn't went as planned and my hunter was called in reinforcement. He had to sabotage the Alliance ships and tanks, cut off the reinforcement by slaughtering the flight master and rescue a spy in the jail of the Theramore barracks. The spy then informed him that the entire thing was a diversion to nuke the city. The tauren comes from a peaceful race and, even if he has embraced the brutality of the Horde, he wasn't entirely sure if this was a good thing. He sometimes miss the times when Thrall was in command but he wisely keep that to himself. Oh well, at least he got a nice looking gun.

Soon after that, it was time for my pally to join the fray altough he was now fighting in the ruins of Theramore. While he was bombing ships, destroying siege engine and killing various Horde personnel he had a strange sense of deja vu but he quickly dismissed those toughts. He then proceeded to defended Jaina who was busy attuning to the Focusing Iris. That artefact was used by the Horde to build a mana bomb. Didn't we retrieve it for Thrall so he could take down Deathwing? I guess you should never trust an hordie. My pally didn't know what to say to Jaina, she seemed pissed off. And I'm not sure about her new hair color.

Good hunting!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Waiting for Pandaria

The new expansion of World of Warcraft is at our doorstep. In Mist of Pandaria, I'll be leveling a couple of toons, I have a paladin and a druid on Alliance side and a hunter Horde side. I'm not in a raiding guild but I'll take advantage of the raid finder to see as much content as I can. Other then that I intend to do a lot of dungeons and scenarios, maxing professions and do some achievements hunting.

The first toon I will level will be Fabad, my human death knight. I switched to paladin during the Cataclysm since they were more popular for tanking and I also wanted to try healing. I liked the paladin tanking a lot and I had fun trying to reach to block cap. But now Blood DK are talk of the town with they're amazing survivability and I'm loving it.

Let me give you a little background on Fabad. He was a seasoned veteran even before he was a death knight, being a level 58 knight of the Silver Hand, and he died at the hands of the Scourge while protecting Lordaeron. After he was raised into undeath, he went to  Northrend and never looked back. But after he defeated the Lich king his (undead) life lost it's meanings. At first, he tought that hunting evil and protecting Azeroth would give his life a new purpose but he soon felt into a depression. He recently came out of his catatonic state and now he has a goal: to have his own farm so he could retire and indulge in his true passions: fishing, cooking and drinking. Unfortunately, since he didnt do much during cataclysm he ain't got a lot of money to buy his farm. A new inhabitant of Stormwind, a pandarean named Aysa Cloudsinger, talked to him about a long forgotten continent in the South Sea. Dreaming of forgotten treasure resting in abandonned temple just reap for the taking, he decided to join the Stormwind Navy for some mercenary works.

For this toon, I'll try to reach level 90 without leaving Pandaria to get more immersed in the story. So I'll see you there.