Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why do we fight?

So why do we fight?

Is it for honor?
For riches?
To protect those you love?

Anduin the prince of Stormwind has gone missing near the coast of Pandaria. So yesterday at midnight, my Death knight was sent along a small elite force to find him. As soon as they reached the shore they clashed with the Horde. Having superior firepower the battle was soon over but the small unit discovered a strange force, the Sha, who feeds of emotions and had already starting corrupting our ennemies. No need to say, my death knight helped by SI:7 managed to locate the Prince but they couldn't persuade him to leave Pandaria.

What Fabad liked the most in his first day? It was hanging out with the monks. He learned the ten thousands strikes form, he did some drill on the trainning dummy and he fought other monks. And he also spent a lot of times meditating, cooking, brewing, eating and drinking with his new found friends.

So why do we fight? For Fabad, this question remains unanswered. But so far he likes the journey.

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