Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall of Theramore

I must admit I was disappointed that there was no world event before the launch of MoP but I had a lot of fun farming the scenario Fall of Theramore trying to upgrade some pieces of gear. So I took this occasion to present you two of my alts that will be making an appearance from time to time in my blog: Xileh, a tauren hunter of the horde and Bornbad a dwarf pally of the Alliance.

Early in the morning, the Horde attacked Theramore. The siege didn't went as planned and my hunter was called in reinforcement. He had to sabotage the Alliance ships and tanks, cut off the reinforcement by slaughtering the flight master and rescue a spy in the jail of the Theramore barracks. The spy then informed him that the entire thing was a diversion to nuke the city. The tauren comes from a peaceful race and, even if he has embraced the brutality of the Horde, he wasn't entirely sure if this was a good thing. He sometimes miss the times when Thrall was in command but he wisely keep that to himself. Oh well, at least he got a nice looking gun.

Soon after that, it was time for my pally to join the fray altough he was now fighting in the ruins of Theramore. While he was bombing ships, destroying siege engine and killing various Horde personnel he had a strange sense of deja vu but he quickly dismissed those toughts. He then proceeded to defended Jaina who was busy attuning to the Focusing Iris. That artefact was used by the Horde to build a mana bomb. Didn't we retrieve it for Thrall so he could take down Deathwing? I guess you should never trust an hordie. My pally didn't know what to say to Jaina, she seemed pissed off. And I'm not sure about her new hair color.

Good hunting!

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