Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More old contents

A couple of weeks ago I had soloed Black Temple, wich was difficult before because of the first boss Naj'entus. He would stun a random person in the raid and if you were alone nobody could remove the debuff and he would heal himself up to full.  Now because of a combination of higher dps and the nerf from 5.1, he didn't gave me any difficulty neither the other boss after. I also had soloed Tempest Keep and I got a lucky drop as a reward for my effort.

So during his vacation my Death knight decided to go through some more old contents. First stop was Outland, my death knight headed to Sunwell Plateau, a raid I hadn't the chance to see much. I wasnt sure if I would be able to go far in there, I remembered going in there with level 80 pug and wiping against Felmyst. I entered and got killed by one of the first group of adds I encountered. Turns out Sunblade Slayer gives you a debuff that remove 25% health every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Humbled, I slowly cleared my way up to the first boss. For this boss you need to split the raid in two.. Oh wait I'm alone! Turns out you can skip him by running through the area and he will despawn after you leave the room. Second boss, Brutallus, went down the first time, even tough I had a huge stack of Meteor slash on me. Felmyst was more difficult as I had not much experience with this fight. You need to watch where the drake is positionning and move away so you dont get one shot by his trail of flame. After a couple of wipe, I got the hang of it and down him. After this, Sunwell was a cake walk. Turns out I didn't finish this raid on my DK before so I got the Outland raider achievement as well.

Back in Northrend, I was in Naxxramas trying to get some transmog drop when I got an achievement I tought I already had: Shocking. Looking it up, I saw that the only other achievement I was missing for Glory of the raider was A poke in the eye wich is killing Malygos with less then 9 player. I wasn't a fan of vehicle combat back in Wrath so I was a little reluctant to head there. One of my friend came along and we nailed the encounter after a couple of attempts. Drake vehicle scale with gear so you can mostly ignore Surge of power but since there is only two of us, it's important to keep both the self heal buff and the debuff up. So we basically used the 1-3-1-1-2 rotation.

Next, my friend helped me get the red proto drake from Glory of the hero. One of the achievement was Experienced Drake Rider and it needed multiple run in the Occulus. I was skeptical we could two man it but we cheesed it the worst way. My friend just disembarked from his mount and dpsed the last boss, while I just tried to hang on to my drake. The last achievement I needed was Zombiefest, wich we run a couple of time before we pulled it correctly. You need to kill 100 zombie in one minute and there is only 85 zombies in the first part of the dungeon. The zombies won't respawn if you kill the second boss. So you need to kite the second boss in the first building, wait that all zombies respawn then kill him. After that you clear the building, get back in the first part of the dungeon to get all the zombies and bring them to the second part so you can finally got enough zombie to get the achievement.  I don't quite understand why they would make an achievement that felt so unnatural but anyway I got my red proto drake.

My death knight found another special place in Northrend. I had ventured into Ulduar a couple of weeks ago up to the crazy cat lady. So I reactivated my raid lockout and ventured into Freya Conservatory of life. In there I killed the three ancients but kept Freya alive while picking every flowers in there. Every day or so the flower respawn so I just go there and pick them up. It's like my private garden.

During my death knight vacation, my druid got some love and leveled to 90. I've leveled as bomkin but I still struggle with the rotation. I'd like to get this toon revered with the August Celestial so I can unlock the new enchants but first I must go back to grinding Golden Lotus reputation. I'm also doing Tillers dailies so I can start farming Mote of harmony wich I would like to craft some inscription BoA staff. With the commendation, the reputation goes up fast so it's not so bad.

Next I would be leveling my hunter. Have a happy new year 2013!

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