Monday, November 12, 2012

Golden lotus finale

Warning: this post contains spoilers.

So I finally reached exalted with the Golden Lotus faction. Upon reaching exalted, you collect a quest that triggers the final attack of the Mogu on the Vale of Eternal Blossom. Remember all the Thunder King artefacts you collected when you reached revered? Well, they have been stolen and Mogus are attacking the Vale in force joined by Quillen and animated jade statue. Helped by the gods of the panadaria pantheon you slaughter hundreds of Mogus. After this you got to fight against the head of the Shao Tien clan that is operating in the Vale.

That battle takes place in front of the gate of Mogushan Palace. I must admit I died a couple of times getting used to the fight, that warlord is not a pushover. There is two mechanics that you must be aware of. First, the warlord will throw a spear of lightning on the ground, you must pick it up and throw it back at him before it does big AoE damage. Second, there is walls of lightning that you must jump over or take huge damage that will quickly kills you.

It's worth the efforts tough because defeating him is a huge setback for the Mogus and you are awarded an epic necklace (wich went for my tanking offspec since I had already one from the Klaxxi). Still no words about the whereabouts of the Thunder king that got ressurected by the the Zandalari, so there might be more Mogu action coming up later.

Altough I liked the dailies I'm glad that I can take a break from them so I'll have more time for the other factions, I still have to do Klaxxi, Shadopan, August Celestial and Order of the Cloud Serpent. Since this the Golden Lotus faction unlocks two important faction I'll probably have to do it with my others alts but I'll wait for the reputation gain bonus that is coming with patch 5.1.

Daily pro-tips: Orcish Army Knife and Wow insider recently made posts about dailies tips, I recommend you to go ahead and take a look yourself. Here is one of my favorite: You can mount for the quest Free spirits, makes it a lot quicker!

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