Monday, November 5, 2012

Mopping up the mogu

After conquering Mogushan Vaults, the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde set their sights on the sha corrupted Empress of the Mantids, in the Heart of fear. Before heading into that new raid I tought it would be good time to take a look at the lore behind the Mogu.

The Mogu were scattered and in hiding for thousands of years, since the time they were beaten by our newfound friends the pandarens, but they have recently began to resurface. They are brutes that delights in torturing and dominating other races. In the Jade Forest, we had our first encounter with them. They were trying to enslave pandarans and instillating souls into statues to animate them. In the Valley of the Emperor, located in the Kun-Lai Summit zone, we saw them working with the Zandalari troll pillaging the tombs of the ancient Pandaria emperors. They were looking for relics of power and the remains of the Thunder King, the first Mogu emperor. Despite your efforts, the Zandalari managed to resuscitate the Thunder King and he escaped.

The Zandalari tribe is on the run since they betrayed the Alliance and the Horde during the Cataclysm. They tried to unite all the troll tribes and to summon Hakkar the soulflayer, an ancient blood god. But now it appears that they came back to Pandaria and have renewed their alliance with the Mogu. Having dealt with the Zandalari before, we can wonder if they are helping the Mogu take back the throne of Pandaria or if they just want to appropriate some of the Mogu ancient artefacts for themselves.

When your character reach the Vale of the Eternal Blossom, he sees the towering twin statues of the Mogu and the ancient Palace of the emperor. This place is called Mogushan Palace and is one of the Mogu base of operation. Three of the greatest tribes of Mogu gathered there under  the leadership of Xin the Weaponmaster. Fortunately, internal bickering, Saurok looters and dashing band of heroes stopped short his plan to restore Mogu to their former glories.

When your character come back to the Vale at level 90, you are tasked to help the Golden Lotus, a secret organisation that is dedicated to fighting the Mogu. So you undertakes a series of dailies that consist of skirmishes at the Golden Stairs, Mistfall village, Golden Petal Lake and Guo-Lai ruins. In Guo-Lai Halls the Mogu are animating an armie of Jade statue to bolster there army. Later on, you seek out the helm and weapons of the Thunder King that are hidden throughout the Vale. Altough, I have not seen the end of the storyline with the Golden Lotus, I am confident that we will foil whatever attempt of the Mogu to take back the Vale.

So that takes us to the first raid in Pandaria, the Vault of Mysteries. It is guarded by Quilien statues and spirits of ancient powerful mogu. Just before the entrance to the deeper parts of the Vault, the raid encounter a troll tomb looting party lead by Gara'jal the Spiritbinder. Then it is revealed that a Titan artefact of immense power rest in the vaults. This artefacts was repurposed to create an endlessa army of Mogu and is destroyed by your raid group.

It seems that the mogu threat is contained for now. So the heroes of Azeroth can focus their attention to the mantids and the Sha. That is unless a full blown war erupts between the Alliance and the Horde.

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