Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to keep track of your Soul reaper ability?

When I leveled my Death Knight I trained a new ability called Soul reaper and I put it on my bar but I didn't give it much toughts. That was until I learned that it was an essential part of the DK rotation while browsing the Icy Veins website

Anyway, Soul reaper  does major damage and should be part of your rotation against bosses but you have to apply it to the target when they are under 35% health. So it's kind of the DK version of Execute. That ability was previously used by the Lich king, that's cool, we can always use more tricks from the best.

The default UI of World Warcraft doesn't help since there is is no procs flashing in the screen that tells us to use it. So I browsed around the web and found out a addon called Weak Aura that will alert you when the health of the targets is below 35%.

I just made a quick guideline on how to configure it for Soul Reaper so you will be up and running in less then a minute. I downloaded this addon using Curse client, wich make installing way easier. After this, log into World of warcraft with your DK to get started:

- Type /wa.
- Make sure New is selected so you can create a new custom proc.
- Choose a new Texture and name it in a meaningful way, like Soul Reaper.
- On the Display tab, press Choose to select an alert, I use the first PowerAura Heads-Up called Runed text but it's up to you.
- Select the Trigger tab to customize Trigger 1.
- Select status for Type, it will be health.
- Select target for Unit
- Check Health (%), with Health (%) < 35.
- On the Load tab, just check In Combat and Player class, that would be Death Knight.

So what are you waiting for? Go reap some souls!

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