Saturday, October 13, 2012

Serious skills to pay the bills

Fabad managed to get the achievement Serious skills to pay the bills by finishing archeology.

Archeology is a lot easier to level this time and when maxed you can exchange research crate that you craft for artifacts of other races like the Tolvir. I got Vial of the sands wich is a pretty lucky drop. I still have to gather the mats, something I will do later on. But I'm done with archeology and fishing for a while.

Leveling fishing and cooking isn't so bad if you are doing the dailies, there is some with the Tillers and the Anglers, plus those in Stormwind. And now Fabad farm has grown now and he can gather different mats instead of vegetables, like motes of harmony, herbs, enchanting stuff and such.

What now? My Death knight was getting tired of petty skirmishes between the Alliance and the Horde. Fortunately he met a new employer: Wrathion, the Black Prince, son of Deathwing. What could have convinced him to obey such a shady individual? Legendaries, of course! So he is back into grinding LFR and dailies, Golden Lotus and the Klaxxis.

Protip: Use your newly leveled professions to craft some high level stuff that will appeal to raiders. Everybody is trying to gear up, so the beginning of an expansion is a good time to make a profit. For example: meta gems, shoulder inscriptions, weapon enchants and belt buckle. Another thing is darkmoon cards that are used to make epic trinkets but you gotta hurry because the faire is almost over.

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