Friday, October 19, 2012

Darkmoon faire rabbit

Last saturday, one guildie told us in chat that he had spotted the killer rabbit world boss in the Darkmoon faire. The rabbit is an obvious reference to the movie Monthy Python and the quest for the holy grail where king Arthur managed to kill the infamous rabbit with a holy grenade after losing several knights.

My death knight headed at the entrance of the cave with a couple of guildies. It was exciting because the guild didn't want other people from the server to steal our kills. So no spamming general or trade chat to get more people. Hopefully it was saturday night and darkmoon faire was pretty quiet. We were only a dozen, so we whispered peoples from another friendly guild to get some help. Thanks to one of our warlock guildie, everybody was soon at the entrance and ready to give it a shot.

The general strategy was to zerg the rabbit and run back to the cave if we died. I had offered to tank and I managed to survived the whole encounter. The rabbit is immune to taunt and randomly jump on people to eat their face while the person is screaming in chat and running around. It's a pretty hectic fight and after a couple of minutes I started laughing, realising how that fight was just silly.

We actually did it with 25 or so people but it took about 10 minutes. The loot was a mini killer rabbit pet. I'm not a huge pet collector so I didn't mind losing the roll to the guildie who actually spotted the rabbit at the beginning. I know one of the first kill of that world boss on our server was done by 40 level 85 (just before the expansion) so I was impressed that my guild actually managed to down him since were not actually a raiding guild (but level 90 and gears helps I guess).

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