Thursday, October 4, 2012

On profession

Remember when I told you that my death knight wanted to have a farm? Well, he now has one. But there is still much to do for him as he expand his farm by doing dailies with the Tillers. He also paid a visit to Nat Pagle in Karasang Wild who now has his own faction. Grinding those two factions is a fun way to level cooking and fishing and the pandarian Way of cooking yield plenty of buff foods.

I find that professions are easier and more fun to level in this expansion. Like for alchemy, there is only a couple of recipe that are trainable, the others are discovered while crafting potions and such. My specialisation is transmute and I've made some money by selling my cooldown and procs of Living steel and Primal diamond.

My inscriptionnist alt didnt had to leave Stormwind to level his profession and that's a good thing because he was also acting as my banker. Like I told you I didn't leave pandaria until I was level capped but I needed someone in Stormwind to sell extra stuff because I didn't found auction house on pandaria (except the black market AH).

Gathering profession like herbalism and mining were super easy to level since there is plenty of nodes everywhere and they respawn fast. A good item for gatherers is the Mist-piercing googles that can be crafted by engineers. Also other item like Thermal anvil is a nice utility. The good old Gnomish army knife, skinning knife or mining pick are now optionnal but gives a nice +10 boost to gathering.

I've also leveled first aid fairly easily since there is got plenty of cloth while questing. Next professions that I will level will be blacksmithing and enchanting. And after this maybe I'll give archeology a shot. From what I understand, it will be possible to trade relics from pandaria for relics of other races. The Lorewalkers faction will also give you two items that will speed up your digging. One of there newest member, Brann Bronzebeard, will exchange relics of Pandaria for relics from the other races. So archeology might be a little more fun this time around.

Still not convinced? If your guild level all the profession to 600, you got heirloom pants as perk!

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