Monday, March 25, 2013

Rise of the Thunder King

It's been a couple of weeks since patch 5.2 came out and there is plenty of new contents. One of the thing I was most excited to see was the new raid. The sixth first bosses of this new raid are challenging enough for raid finder, like the infamous Zandalari council. The new determination buff is a welcome addition, with 5% more health, healing and damage everytime the raid wipe. It helps to learn new fights, encourages people to persist and allows Blizzard to make the raid finder a little bit more difficult at start.  After a couple of weeks people will get geared and the average group will probably one-shot most of these bosses.

There is plenty of new dailies to keep you busy and two new reputation to grind, Shadopan assault and either Sunreaver Onslaught or Kirin Tor Offensive depending on your faction. If you happened to see a rare that has been spotted in general chat, try to get there to participate in the fight. If you manage to down the rare, even if you are not in a group, you can loot it. There is a chance for a key to drop that will allow you to unlock Trove of the treasure king, wich is a one person timed scenario.

While you are doing dailies, you are participating in a server effort to unlock more zones on the Isle of Thunder. At first the Horde and the Alliance are stoming the beach of the island. But after a week or so, you can enter a single person scenario to establis a base of operation. From there, you can choose a set of dailies PvE or PvP that will gives you extra reward. Others zones will be unlocked each week that will have more rewards, like the fabled Anvil of thunder.

I think that the difficulty have been raised slightly in this patch and it's fun!

Pro-tip: Get your necklace from the Shado-pan assault faction, available at neutral reputation.

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