Friday, May 3, 2013

A test of valor (points!)

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted but it doesn't mean I've stopped playing WoW. My pally is pretty busy crafting a bunch of new pieces at the thunder forge, like the Lionheart Executioner, while my druid finally got the mats to craft the Inscribed crane staff, wich is Bind on account.

But since I'm a little behind in Wrathion legendary quest line, I've spent most of the time capping my valor point on my DK for the quest A test of valor. To mix things up I dusted off my tanking set and started doing heroics. The dungeons are very forgiving now and I can chain pull tons of thrash without deplenishing healer mana. With this newfound confidence I started tanking Mogushan Vault raid finder using walkthrough from the blog No life at 90. It wasn't as tough as I tought and it made capping my valor points more fun. I did get the gear to tank Heart of fear but full clear might have to wait because I have now collected my 6000 valor points.

So I picked out my two new quest and I immediately started to do the The Lion Roars one. I had a couple of ilvl 450 PvP piece that my pally had crafted, so decked out in a mix of PvP and dps gear I went into Silvershard mine.We roflstomped the Horde, I didn't died once and I personally killed a couple of bad guy myself including some seemingly squishy blood DK. The temple was another story. I tried to carry the orb but I wasn't that good even in blood spec and when feral druid or other baddies focused on me I was dying pretty quickly. So I let more experienced pvp'ers carry orbs and I tried to protect them and kill opposing healer. After my fourth game I finally got a win. So I only had one quest left.

I did A change of command with a bunch of guildies who had done it before. We had a standard group with one tank, one healer and three dps and it was a piece of cake. So for now I've started collecting Secrets of the empire in the Throne of thunder  raids. This raid is challenging enough in raid finder, particularly bosses like Dorrumu and Lei Shen.

Later and have fun!

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