Thursday, August 25, 2016

I am legendary

When I logged back on my blog I noticed I had a couple of drafts that I didn't post back then, so here it is for your reading pleasure. It's in Pandaria so welcome back to memory lanes!

"Hello, I've been away all summer and couldn't play World of Warcraft but I'm back for patch 5.4. Last week I got the last Secrets of the empire token I needed for Wrathion legendary quest. I turned the quest and Wrathion told me to go kill Lei-Shen and take his heart. Duh, I had to do that wing again in raid finder after weekly reset.

The next part of the legendary quest was fun and challenging, I tried the melee dps challenge with my frost DK and got my ass handed to me. You have to kill the ooze pretty quickly using howling blast and blood boil because if they corner you while Wrathion cleave you or if he goes into mirror image while he oozes are still alive, it's game over. Even by talenting into Chillbains I couldn't do it.

I heard the tanking challenge was easier but the only tanking I've done in this expansion with this toon was Mogushan Vault on raid finder. By the way, Mogushan Vault was my favorite raid this expansion and I had tons of fun tanking the raid finder, especially the last encounter with the twins. I knew that raid rather well because I cleared it on normal difficulty with my hunter while it was current. 

For the tanking challenge I got help from Taoshi the rogue which I recruited in the Shado-pan. It took me couple of try but I finally did it. I used Army of the dead right at the start, I interrupted and taunted what I could, used Anti-magic barrier liberally and manage to down Deathwing before the spike phase where you have to position yourself between the spike and Wrathion.

All in all, it was fun and I'm finally catching up with the legendary quest, so when patch 5.4 comes out I can pick up the quest right there. From what I know it would involve killing stuff in Timeless Isle and fighting the Celestial as World boss. All things that I would have done anyway.

I might try to join a flexible raid group because I'd like to get my hands on the heirloom axe dropped by Garrosh. Since it scale to level 100 it would make leveling easier in the next expansion."

Update: I did join a flex group and we farmed Garrosh for months, and I got both his axe and an intellect staff for my warlock. Flex allowed to queue for the last wing and the group I had was super fast, so I had a blast farming Garrosh.

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