Thursday, August 25, 2016

Warlock leveling

Another draft that I found in my blog, again that was during Mist of Pandaria:

"As a side project I'm leveling a warlock and I have a blast. I was motivated to try this class because I've seen one of my friend tackling the green fire quest at level 90 and it looked awesome. I was arguing with that same friend that leveling was too easy and that you always outleveled the zone before the story was finished and he said that it was because I was using heirloom. So I decided to level this alt without heirloom and without the guild XP bonus. I also decided to level only by questing and not queueing for dungeon or battleground, except if there is interesting lore in it. One of the only classic dungeon I've done was Ragefire chasm because it was revamped to reflect the change occurring in Org.

I've done the blood elf starting zone (1-5) then moved to the forsaken zone. Silverpine is an epic zone and it's fun to see the Forsaken side of the story, plus you get to save Sylvanas and piss Garrosh off. The zone story culminates in Silverfang dungeon. After this I moved to Hillsbrad wich has a very interesting storyline. The area moved from alliance to horde domination. You got to fight the Stormpike from Alterac Valley and help the Forsaken clean up after a chemical warfare on Southshore.

There is some group quest that are challenging like Yetimus and the Durnholde challenge. I managed to solo those group quest up to Bloodvenom before another questing warlock joined me. To solo Bloodvenom I stood on the ledge and if he killed my voidwalker I would drop down and try to kite him. There is also a hidden Plant vs Zombie minigame in the northwest corner of that zone. I found out that the best strategy in this game is to plant two rows of sunflower, one row of pea shooter and 2 rows of tentacles. For the final boss, I used pumpkin on cooldown and it was a piece of cake.

I am currently in my thirties and I've specced destruction as it looked like the most efficient spec to quest. But I can't wait to try Demonology spec in Outland where there is so much demons to tame.
I plan to quest in the adjacent zone up to Eastern Plaguelands then go to the Badlands, Burning steppes, Swamp of sorrows and quest near the portal before I go in Outland. I will surely quest in Outland because I like Hellfire and Zangamarsh zone. I will also do Hellfire rampart at least once, one of my favorite Outland dungeon, I can already hear the healer yelling "TANK PLEASE PULL MORE, MORE! I'll probably skip as much questing as I can in Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm so after Outland it will probably be a combination of heirloom, questing and dungeon queuing.

All in all, I like the warlock class and I feel like it's the evil ranged counterpart of the Death knight."

I had fun leveling this one, I stayed way past level 70 in Outland, completing almost every quest in Shadowmoon valley, which is chock full of sweet warlock lore. I also loved every bits of the Green fire quest. From farming the book in Isle of Thunder to the epic ending in Black Temple. The last fight in that chain quest was very hard, I did it in destruction spec and it must have taken me hours of tries and tons of consumables. Eventually I did it when I had more gear by burning him as fast as I could. After that, even when I had average DPS in Siege of Orgrimmar I felt like I was part of a very elite club shooting bolt of green fire.

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