Monday, August 29, 2016

Tonight is the night

So everybody is pretty excited because Legion is coming out tonight. I played a bunch this weekend and managed to level my warrior up to level 100 doing invasions. I checked out some Class Halls in the beta (they are all awesome but I think the rogue one is particularly fun). I also made last minute preparations.  I transmogged my toons so they look sharp when they arrive to Broken Isles. I got an appropriate weapon for my hunter who appears to have sold his gun and gone survival, a small mistake I corrected by doing the Broken shore scenario. I did Dragon Soul with my rogue to check out the new Outlaw spec. I also switched a couple of professions around since I ditched most of my gathering professions in Warlords.

Tomorrow I will level as much as I can. Since Cata I've always tried to level in one day but I never managed it. I'm a slow leveler: I read all the quests, I explore, I reflect about Alliance and Horde war strategies, I level profession and fight rares. Mostly I do the race to max level for fun because I don't plan to raid seriously this expansion. I've been away for so long I don't even know which guild I will be parking my main and toons. Some guild I was playing in are now deserted, others have become much more raid focused, I will see.

So I got my day off, my flasks, my potions, my snacks and my beverages ready. But there is one important question left: which class will I play at launch and which artefacts will I get first? It's not my DK this time. And the new artefacts gave me the incentive to try out new specs, I've changed my decision a couple of time, first retribution pally, then boomkin, then mage, then shaman. I had a blast trying a gnome hunter this weekend on the beta, I also messed around with rogue and warrior. With invasions even the toon I don't play much managed to gear up so it's not even a problem this time. 

But since I want to be semi-serious tomorrow with my rush to level 110, I'll play a class that I love and a spec that is familiar to me, the bear. I will probably do the dungeon quest that you get at the end of each zone but for your sake (and mine) I won't tank any of those and leave it to the professionals (who hopefully know what they are doing in those new dungeons). I'll switch to boomkin for those after I can get my second artefact. I've been Eye of Azshara once on the beta and it went pretty smoothly. There is some strategies with artefacts for leveling, the simplest one would be to use your main spec to level. But I've read that there is survival issues with some spec and I don't feel familiar enough with boomkin to learn as I level. So I will level my guardian artefact as I'm leveling and switch at max level.

Happy leveling in legion!

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